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to Increase Your IMPACT 

Changemaking can be hard.

You don't have to do it alone.

I partner with passionate nonprofits and entrepreneurs to realize more success and impact with less stress and burnout.
Through 1:1 coaching,
faciliation, and consulting I help empower you to manage for change with clarity and confidence.

Hi, I'm Elle. I'm a coach & consultant focused on impact.

What lights me up is supporting people and organizations that are changing the world.

Learn more ABOUT me and my 


Philip Kao, Appleseed, USA

"Elle always makes me feel heard, which to me is the true indication of listening. Within the first session, I trusted her because I knew she wasn't jumping to conclusions. Elle's always considerate in the way she offers advice. She asks permission first. She really gives me the space that made me comfortable to be 100% candid."
Schedule a completely free, 30 minute consult to discuss your specific goals and challenges.
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