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As someone who has never worked with a professional coach before I was walking into this experience a bit blind. From the start working with Elle was a fantastic experience. In the whirlwind of my responsibilities I genuinely looked forward to having the routine time to work through my thoughts, dreams, concerns, etc. Elle was always able to ask the right questions, push me when I was limiting myself, and had the ability to connect the dots from all our conversations. Being able to speak with someone who I really felt I had a rapport with and could empathize with me was invaluable. I’ve felt a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth this year and truly feel as if I’m moving towards creating my ideal life. Hindsight is 20/20 but I question whether or not I would have accomplished all I have this year without Elle. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with her!



Having Elle as my coach is and has been a rewarding and enjoyable adventure. We have certainly tackled several of mine long desired goals inclusive of taking the leap (Elle helped me realize it was not as gigantic as my fears believed) to start my own business.  The experience has been amazing, no regrets and a vision fill of optimism.  Elle’s coaching talents are obvious and quite natural however, it is her positive energy balanced off with sincere listening that aided me in my quest.  

Looking forward toward crossing off my next biggest challenge!



Elle is a wonderful accountability partner, always holding my best interest in mind while also staying objective and gently challenging me. She was very determined to help me find the best of me and uncover my intrinsic motivation, encouraging me to come up with my own answers. She is an amazing listener, very focused, and was completely present in all our sessions, really dancing in the moment. Elle is very easy to relate to, and her calm, supportive attitude, and patient demeanor helped me feel comfortable and at ease. She is also compassionate, inspirational, and a joy to work with.

I highly recommend Elle as a coach.



Racism and the conflicts it creates are often difficult to navigate and strategizing through them with white women has rarely been my go to. However Elle’s willingness to let me explore without immediately moving me to resolution was transformative. Working with her was a real partnership. She created space for me to tell the “story,” articulate my thoughts, and reflect on the implications and impacts for my work. Our sessions never felt scripted or methodical, and I always felt invested in. Elle’s curiosity was motivating and her ability to outline my thoughts and insights (she provided notes and outlines of our sessions) ensured that I stayed focused and on track. Elle is mindful, a conscientious and deliberate listener, and was just genuinely interested in getting me where I wanted to be. Refreshing! 


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